About This Journal

The Wyoming Law Review was founded in 1946 under the title Wyoming Law Journal . As a joint project between the University of Wyoming College of Law and the Wyoming State Bar, the law review’s founding purposes were (1) to serve the Wyoming State Bar by publishing articles devoted to problems affecting both Wyoming practitioners and lawyers, generally, across the nation, and (2) to improve legal education at the University of Wyoming College of Law.

In 1967, to promote a new focus, the name of the law review changed to Land and Water Law Review. Following the tradition of great natural resource scholars such as Frank J. Trelease, the law review aimed to become the foremost authority on legal issues affecting water and natural resources. It was a joint project that included the University of Wyoming, Wyoming State Bar, and Wyoming Water Resources Research Initiative. The Land and Water Law Reviewsought “to provide the legal profession with a source of scholarly materials of practical worth.”

The most recent version, the Wyoming Law Review, began in 2001 and represents a culmination of the prior purposes of its predecessors. The law review seeks to provide scholarly materials relevant to Wyoming practitioners, as well as lawyers nationwide, while maintaining the legacy of evolving water and natural resource laws and policies.

Whatever its title, the law review has consistently proved itself a sound legal authority, cited in the supreme courts of California, Colorado, Iowa, Kansas, Maine, Vermont, Washington, West Virginia, Wyoming, and Puerto Rico. Student contributors have become Wyoming Supreme Court Justices, judges on the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals, federal district court judges, United States Congressional representatives, and Wyoming state governors.

The law review is managed and edited by an editorial board consisting of third- year students under the supervision of a faculty advisor. The editorial staff is composed of second- and third-year law students selected on the basis of high scholarship and excellence in writing. Appointment to the law review is one of the highest honors conferred by the University of Wyoming College of Law. Members of the editorial staff write comments and case notes for the student section of the law review. All students at the University of Wyoming College of Law are eligible to contribute to the student section.