The 1995-96 Editorial Board and Staff are pleased to dedicate this issue in memory of William F. Drew & Lawrence Yonkee Editor's note: Wyoming lawyers offering a varied array of expertise have generously contributed their talent and time to this look at Wyoming law. The authors were challenged not only to summarize an area of law, but also to propose what the law ought to be. The editorial board of volume XXXI of the LAND AND WATER LAW REVIEW wishes to thank the authors for their steadfast commitment to the advancement of Wyoming law.



Retooling Western Water Management: The Park City Principles
D. Craig Bell, Jo S. Clark, Julia Doermann, and Norman K. Johnson


Financing Wyoming's Public Schools: The Wyoming Legislature Gets to Try Again
William E. Sparkman, John Dayton, and Fred Hartmeister



Special Sections


The Continuing Vitality of the Economic Loss Rule
John M. Palmeri and Monty L. Barnett


No Home on the Range for Home Rule
Thomas S. Smith and Shane T. Johnson