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Recent surveys indicate that more and more law schools are beginning to offer legal writing courses beyond those required in the first year One byproduct of the boom in advanced legal writing courses has been the recent publication of numerous books and articles on the topic As these books and articles make clear there is no consensus among legal writing professionals as to what substance an advanced legal writing course should cover In this article I attempt to summarize and categorize the various approaches of advanced legal writing courses It should be emphasized that my aim is breadth rather than depth Unlike most of the existing articles on advanced legal writing which provide detailed suggestions for designing and teaching a specific course this article briefly summarizes the various substantive approaches and their primary advantages and disadvantages I hope it will serve as a starting point for legal writing professionals who are thinking about designing a new advanced course and for all faculty who are contemplating additions to their schools legal writing curriculum and would like an overview of the different courses being offered at other schools around the country

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