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This volume represents another milestone for the Association of Legal Writing Directors ALWD Not only does this volume mark ALWDs official entry into periodical publishing but also it marks the beginning of ALWDs latest effort to expand and improve the field of legal writing More specifically with the creation of this Journal ALWD announces in dramatic fashion that it will take a lead role in the development and expansion of substantive legal writing doctrine Since its inception in 1996 ALWD has diligently sought to improve legal writing as a discipline and as a profession Now with the publication of this Journal ALWD takes a fifth approach The Mission of this Journal is very specific and unique Briefly stated the purpose of the Journal of the Association of Legal Writing Directors J ALWD is to develop scholarship focusing on the substance of professional legal writing and to make that scholarship accessible and helpful to practitioners as well as to legal writing teachers Rather than producing a journal on legal writing in general ALWD has taken a bold move and has decided to dedicate this Journal to one specific genre of legal writing scholarship scholarship that explores the substance of legal writing This article examines the meaning and implications of this novel mission of the Journal

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