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Insuring the Unthinkable



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Recent mass shootings have led to public and private responses implicating insurance The public response consisted of calls to require firearm owners to purchase liability insurance and has been discussed at length elsewhere This article examines the private response the steady proliferation of ÔÇ£active shooter insuranceÔÇØ more recently called ÔÇ£active assailant insuranceÔÇØ collectively ASAA insurance Although these policies cover the forprofit businesses nonprofit institutions and even municipalities that purchase them rather than shooting victims or others impacted by a tragic event benefits would flow through to these individuals if a covered event occursbr brThis article assays ASAA insurance along several dimensions Part II considers factors impacting the effectiveness of the insurance in compensating insureds for losses stemming from ASAA incidents Part III reviews the ways in which ASAA insurers can provide loss prevention services enable insureds to prevent or mitigate losses and efficiently manage claims and resulting litigation Part IV concludes

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insurance, active shooter, active assailant, firearm, mass shooting, mass shooter, firearm, firearms, gun, guns, risk, insurers, adverse selection, incentives, loss prevention, service efficiencies, underwriting

Insuring the Unthinkable